Our 3rd Solar Plexus Chakra: What Happens If It Is Not Harmonized?

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling like a weight in your solar plexus *, giving you a feeling of pressure and shortness of breath? Your digestion is painful and makes you moody and nervous. This feeling can go on all day and days and days, even weeks, months and years and you wonder where it could be coming from, probably not having any major health issues known.

Well it could be that your solar chakra is not working properly. We will see the consequences of this dysfunction.

First of all, remember that the notion of chakra comes from the energy anatomy developed in the great oriental traditions such as India and Nepal. Thus, the human body contains 7 main chakras which constitute vibratory energy centers (see: my blog on "What do the chakras or the energy anatomy mean?").

Thus, our third solar plexus chakra "Manipura chakra" located slightly above the navel is physically connected, among other things, to our digestive system and our vegetative nervous system. On an energetic level, it is attached to the fire element which symbolizes light, heat, energy and activity and on a spiritual level, purification. It is solar, bright yellow and it represents our strength and vitality. This center largely controls our social relationships, our sympathies and antipathies as well as our ability to experience lasting emotional relationships. It is the seat of our personality.

When the solar plexus chakra is open and in harmony, we feel joyful and rich inside. We feel a sense of inner peace and harmony and in tune with our life. We fully accept ourselves as we are, while being able to respect the feelings and qualities of others. The way we act is in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. Inner and outer wealth and fullness make us RADIANCE with light and strength.

On the contrary, in case of blockage or disruption of this chakra, our mood is unbalanced and dark which pushes us to want to control everything and dominate. The lack of internal calm causing inner turmoil thus causes deep dissatisfaction and frustration. Probably a lack of esteem in childhood or youth prevented a real sense of our worth. Thus an intense need for activity can come to compensate for this lack of self-esteem. It is difficult to let go and relax. Emotions are blocked and irritation and anger growl at the slightest annoyance. The wealth and esteem associated with appearances ultimately brings no lasting satisfaction.

Worse, when the solar plexus chakra malfunctions, it can lead to a depressive state.

This is because, as with physical indigestion, the body and mind have "swallowed a lot of things that are impossible to digest".

Emotional impurities were thus formed, reducing the energy of the fire and removing all strength and spontaneity from our actions and desires. By trying to please and adapt to our environmental environment, we no longer integrate our feelings and our vital emotions. We feel divided, not integrated into our inner being and thus unable to act and feel with force and spontaneity. In addition, unfamiliar experiences scare us and we avoid new challenges.

Hence the importance of not letting these blockages set in and opening this 3rd chakra in order to be able to radiate again and increase our vibratory quality. (cf: my blog on "How to open and harmonize the solar plexus chakra").

*The solar plexus is a nerve tissue located in the abdomen. It belongs to the so-called peripheral autonomic nervous system.