The Brand

Anna Goodman is a joyful, colorful, creative and spiritual brand who wants to arouse inspiration and zest for life. Each idea comes from her creator, her background and her creations. She got the faculty to turn her inspirations into product.
The Brand's concept comes from her mother (former milliner who used to work in Paris & London for her art). On an afternoon, when she sat in front of her daughter's paintings, she spontaneously suggested her the idea of creating a brand inspired by those creatives and colorful paintings. The creator, lawyer by training, is a passionnate about everything who's in touch with art and spirituality just as yoga and Pilates. She became a alternative medicine therapist and specialized herself in naturopathy and Ayurveda therapies, a traditional indian millenary medicine. One day, while she was doing some paintings, her ninety years old mother suggested her the idea of embarking herself upon the textile business with her paintings which represented the 7th Chakras' colors. In this way, the adventure began.
The 1st collection products have all in common the indian chakras' colors topic inspired by the creator's ayurvedic knowledge and background. The Chakra Kit is composed of a one color leggings style pants with a printed belt incorporated, a chakras pattern jacket and adding to this a black top, strengthen lining on the chest level, in order to avoid putting bras and crossed braces on the back. The infinite red logo with a dot is printed on each products. All of them are composed of 95% of coton and 5% of spandex resulting in a natural quality material and pleasant to wear. Each Chakras Kit are available throughout all the 7 chakras colors: red, orange, yellow, green, sky blue, indigo blue and purple.