How to open and harmonize the solar plexus chakra?

When our third solar chakra “Manipura” is blocked, it results in several concerns, both physical and psycho-emotional (see my blog “solar plexus chakra: what happens if it is not harmonized?”). We have a feeling of tightness in the solar plexus, our digestion is not good and we are in a moody or even aggressive mood. The slightest annoyance annoys us and our tolerance for frustration decreases. We want to control everything and the novelty scares us. We feel divided and not aligned with our inner selves. In serious cases of dysfunction, this can lead to a state of depression.

So how can we try by some natural and traditional means to harmonize this messy third chakra in order to find our inner strength and our joy of living?


The third chakra is a solar chakra. The golden light of the sun corresponds to the light, heat and energy of this chakra. Going out on beautiful sunny days in nature under the influence of light and solar energy helps to bring us warmth, strength and inner light. The observation of nature in all its splendor, of a field of rapeseed, wheat or sunflowers delights us and strengthens us internally. In general, take a walk in full consciousness at our own pace in nature, observe the landscape, trees, flowers, animals; Listening to the chirping of birds, the rustling of the wind and the sound of a stream can only enchant our senses and fill us with joy.

Music and mantra

The third chakra is activated by "fire rhythms" if one feels tired or demoralized. It can be harmonized by orchestral music in harmony with multiple sounds. It can be calmed in cases of nervousness and hyperactivity by harmonious relaxing music.
The open vowel “o” sung on the E of the chromatic scale is connected to this chakra. The solar chakra mantra that can be repeated is RAM by placing the palms of the hands together between our heart and our stomach.


A golden yellow reminiscent of the color of the sun activates and strengthens the function of the third chakra. Yellow brings cheerfulness, serenity and relaxation and thus counterbalances the impression of inner fatigue. In cases of passivity and excessive daydreaming, yellow stimulates energy and adequate activity. This color facilitates both physical and “psychic” digestion. So why not wear the color yellow more often knowing the benefits of the vibratory impact of this color? Discover the Act Chakra Set.

The stones

The stones also have an energy component and as such can act on the chakras.
Before using the stones for the first time and then from time to time, they should be purified for a few hours in running water or overnight in water enriched with sea salt and recharged in sunlight.
The third chakra is harmonized by the following stones: tiger eye, yellow amber, yellow topaz and finally citrine. All these stones, on the energy level, bring warmth, discernment, joie de vivre and self-confidence.
They can be worn as jewelry or placed directly on the solar plexus.

The aromas of essential oils

Energy aromatherapy through the use of essential oils in massage on the solar plexus, inside the wrists or in diffusion can act on our subtle bodies and our chakras. Indian basil, eucalyptus citriodora, rosat geranium, lemon beds, bergamot mint, and essential oils of the rosemary family are associated with the solar plexus chakra and contribute to its harmonization and rebalancing. Be careful, it is important to seek advice from a therapist or pharmacist regarding the use of essential oils because some oils may have contraindications.

Yoga adapted to the 3rd chakra

Karma Yoga teaches selfless action without worrying about the personal consequences of our actions. He thus works to let go and to get rid of the excess of our ego towards more compassion and altruism.